Construction of Oil Tank Roof


Automatic submerged arc welding


Installation of floating tank skeleton

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Our main achievements in large-scale oil storage tanks in recent years are: over 160,000 cubic meters LNG low-temperature tanks - 12 sets ; over 20,000 cubic meters low-temperature tanks - more than 20 sets ; 50,000 - 150,000 cubic meters crude oil tanks - more than 100 sets ;

all kinds of chemical storage tanks below 50,000 cubic meters and supporting installation projects, etc. The projects under construction are highly praised by the owners, supervisors and general contractors.

After years of development,We have been a professional and significant oil storage tank production and installation enterprise in the industry. We have qualifications for design and manufacture of first, second and third pressure vessels. We are qualified for general contracting of petrochemical engineering construction. We qualification covers the main engineering, supporting engineering and production auxiliary engineering of petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry and petrochemical industry, etc.